Our Team

Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan

Director, E&T

Mr. Venkatesh K.

Convenor - WebArch

Parth A Hingorani


A science student luring around to learn new stuff and explore opportunities.

Niharika Krishnan

Joint Secretary

Data Scientist | Fauji Brat | Potterhead | Why fit in when you were born to stand out!

Mohit Gupta

Domain Head (Web Design)

Wanna talk for hours on space stuff? Ping me and we'll brainstorm. My favourite color is #fff. I turn caffeine into code and I binge read. Suggest me a must read and I'll do the same for you.

Vidit Gupta

Domain Head (Web Design)

I started with basic HTML, WebArch enabled me to pursue my interests and expand my skill-set by leaps and bounds. As a developer, I have become a bit more fearless, always ready to pick up something new.

Aman Srivastava

Web Designer

I am a Front-end Developer, The work I provide is of highest quality, fully responsive, and tested on a wide range of devices. I take great care to ensure each project is well-created and easily maintainable so you can enhance easily with website.

Priyank Tyagi

Domain Head (Web Development)

My passion lies in web designing and web development.I like to lean something new everyday like new frameworks and languages.In my free time i like to play video games.I love football and I am a Arsenal fan

Pinaki Saha

Domain Head (Web Development)

SRM B. Tech enthusiastic web designer and developer.

Rishi Sharma

Domain Head (App Development)

I'm Rishi. Android Dev. Interested in exploring different technologies. Love clicking pictures of nature. Pizza is love

Himanshu Gupta

Domain Head (App Development)

I am never satisfied with my current knowledge. Because of that, I continually seek every opportunity available to gain new, pertinent information. I believe that the secret of success is to try to always improve yourself no matter where you are or what your position is.

Sudhanshu Kanth

Domain Head (Graphic Design)

An eccentric designer with a panache for creativity, chocolates, and Arsenal Football Club, I'm a National Level Debater and a UI/UX developer. Currently pursuing Electronics

Anmol Agrawal

Graphic Designer

Hi, I am a creative graphic designing and game designing afficionado. I like making simple, smart and breathtaking visuals and solutions. I am a designer by day and gamer by night. I love spicy and 'chatpata' food and also playing football.

Satyajit Vijay Patil

Domain Head (Photography & VFX )

I am a developer and animation artist , currently exploring game development and VR

Harkirat Singh Thapar

Photography and VFX

VFX artist of team webarch, strives for perfection in whatever he does.

Sankalp Sanand

Domain Head (R&D)

Forging the road to the promised land of AI

Soumil Mandal


Your friendly neighborhood ML enthusiast.

Baibhab Mondal

Web Designer

Front end developer. We create what you see and feel. Creative enough? Personally I Jest chill. I don't React much. Trying to grab the most out of my college days. Mocha mile toh I just dive in. And expect some horrible puns from me, including the ones in this bio.

Mukul gupta

Web Designer

Web designer, Java addict. Apart from coding, I'm interested in electronics,looking forward to explore the field of IOT.

Shivang Kaul

Web Designer

Full time Hybrid app Developer, part time web developer. Growing up I just one thing in mind, that I wanted to do something with computing. So here I am trying to tread the same path, exploring new technologies and creating effective solutions.

Vinayak Shrivastava

Web Developer

Experienced web developer and Aspiring Decentralized Developer

Ansh Sachdeva

Web Developer

More of a jolly kind of a guy..Basketballer and a footballer...and yes a batsman..happy in being fit and healthy..loves to design website and love to learn new technologies..moving toward data analytics currently

Nikhil Dhoot

Web Developer

A vivid Web Dev enthusiast with poor coping mechanism.

Yash Tandon

Web Developer

Lucknawi Foodie. Tech Enthusiast. Swimmer. Football Fanatic.

Subhadeep Kundu

Web Developer

Tech lover | Foodie | Loves to travel | A web developer who loves to make easier solutions to ease the complexities of day to day life

Vimarsh Trehan

Web Developer

Coder during day, gamer at night

Devansh Sharma

App Developer

Thinker, Developer, Dog and Anime Lover

Tanay Toshniwal

App Developer

Android developer, Full stack developer (MEAN Stack), Machine Learning Enthusiast

Ashish Singh Chauhan

App Developer

I work in webarch as an iOS app developer. I am very enthusiastic in learning new technologies and skills. I love to code and drink Tea.

Ritvik Jain

App Developer

I am App developer and know MEAN stack.I am someone who is mature, candid and who has integrity. Everyday I work to improve myself and my skills which is part of maturing and becoming better at what I do.

Divyesh Sangani

Graphic Designer

I started making cartoons and doodles on paper, and made my very first animation in Microsoft PowerPoint during computer class at school. Even my teacher was impressed and I became her favorite student. I'm am at a beginner level at the design realm hoping to move forward.

Anmol Maggon

Photography & VFX

Lost on some road

Arko Chatterjee


My life mantra is eat, code , sleep, repeat. I love to research about new technologies and primarily interested in IoT and Machine Learning.

Aman Gupta


Aspiring Data Scientist - BlockChain enthusiast!!!

Devyani Dinesh


I believe in living in the moment!

Ashwin S

Web Developer

My daily routine: Get up , be brilliant and go back to bed...

Shreyash Sharma

App Developer

Want to build something big , for now starting with application .

Abhinav rana

App Developer

Moto of my life is living till the edge.I like taking risks and being outspoken.Can't say much but I try to put forth my best effort for assigned work irrespective of amount of pressure with it.

Saptarsi Kundu

Graphic Designer

Loves to draw, sketch, doodle , design and code . Football enthusiast . Not an avid reader but like to read informative books ( mainly historical stuff). love to learn new things which I think to be relevant to my professional life. Kind a introvert but opens up around like minded people .

Kartik Sawant

Graphic Designer

I like to mess around with Photoshop and play pc games.


Graphic Designer

In love with me | INNOVATOR | DESIGNER | Spirit and soul synced together to make designs from scratch

Arindam Chakraborty

Photography & VFX

Motivated. Creative. Excited to pull it to the Next level.

Prateek Upadhyay

Photography & VFX

Aspiring VFX and Motion Graphics designer

Vivek Wilkins


I have a everlasting effect of Felix Felicis and love potion in me. Hence I am ways in love with the world.

Moleena Mohanta


I donot aspire to be like other, I aspire to be unique in my own way.

Aviral Garg