Webarch is an excellent place where I was able to cultivate my technical skills to have me ready for the future

Rohan Anand (Batch-2018)

I would say that webarch has been the place for kickstarting my career. I have worked in three to four different field overwll but even today I always say that I started my career as a graphic designer A truly wonderful personal and professional experience. One place which motivates the members to learn technical skills in their areas of interest and practice their knowledge in full profession

Aayush Chaurasia (Batch-2017)

The lessons learnt and teachings taken from Webarch is something which one cannot forget for his whole life no matter how far the person will go, once a Webarchian, always a Webarchian. Experience @ webarch was something like chennai's weather, stressful days were like chennai's hot and humid daytime, but those were always followed by blisfull times of accomplishments just like evening breeze which will flow everyday, no matter what. Being a webarch member was like icing on the cake, where cake was life in SRM, how much ever top creamy layer might seem unimportant but cake will always be incomplete without icing

Anshul Sahni (Batch-2016)

The only work place in SRM where you can become passionate about being a team player. Here you'll learn life if you put attention to the club. You'll be guided by the best brains and at some point in time you shall too pass on the knowledge. And that will be a pretty journey :)

Mohit Gupta (Batch-2019)


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