Webarch Annual Recruitment 2019


23rd February - 25th March

The first phase requires the candidate to fill recruitment form wherein they will have to provide their details and the domain(s) of choice.

Written test

27th March - 28th March

The second phase of recruitment process will be an objective test with questions pertaining to the domain selected by candidate. The test will assess your knowledge base required for the domain.

Task round

29th March - 30th March

The third phase is the task round wherein a task(according to domain) will be assigned to the shortlisted candidates through email. The candidate will have one day's time to complete the task.


1st April - 2nd April

The fourth phase of recruitment process is the interview round. Interview questions will be based on the domain(s) selected by the candidate.

Fit test

2nd April - 3rd April

The fifth phase of recruitment process is the fit test. It will be conducted a day after the technical interviews are over.


4th April

The results will be announced on the Facebook and Instagram page of Webarch.


5th April

After the results are announced, selected candidates will have to attend an orientation organised by the club to understand our culture, ethics and priorities.


Will be updated soon.


What is Webarch?

Webarch is a technical club comprising of students of SRM. We do projects in various fields and also provide services to other clubs and teams in SRM.

What kind of environment is there in the club?

The club has students from all years of study across various departments. All the members are co-operative and friendly. Also, our alumnis continue to help with projects and provide guidance whenever needed.

I do not have much knowledge about my domain. Will I be able to join?

We do need you to have some basic knowledge about the domain that you are interested in. You need not be an expert in the field but basic knowledge is required as you will be working on far more important and complex projects from the first day of your appointment.

Will I be able to learn something new in the club?

Yes, of course. As you work on projects with other members of the club, you will be bound to learn new techniques. The club allows you to interact with people having varied skills and expertise.

How is joining the club beneficial for me?

The projects on which you will work at Webarch will allow you to develop new skills and also teach you how to deal with real life situations in the professional space. Not to brag, but we have some of the best seniors who are always willing to guide their juniors and help them learn new things.

Will the club require me to work a lot affecting my studies?

The projects assigned to you will require you to put in quality time and efforts. You will be given ample amount of time according to your schedule and thus will be asked to work in a manner which is manageable by you and doesn't affect our deadlines.

How many projects have you worked on so far?

Webarch is a club that has been around for 12 years now. Over the years, we have worked on numerous projects. In the previous years we did more than 14 projects. The research and development team is an integral part of the club and last year they did work on around 10 topics covering a wide spectrum. There were also 4 publications by the members of Webarch in 2018.

Do you work on multidisciplinary projects?

All the various domains of the club are involved in every project and co-ordinate together to make the project a success. The Web domains consisting of Web Design, Web Development and Web Hosting work on the front-end and back-end. The App development team adds convenience of an app. The Graphic design team helps with the various graphics involved such as the posters, banners and designing the icons. The VFX team puts together videos which showcase the project. The HR team is responsible for keeping tabs on the domains working together and intervene through meetings as and when required.

What is fit test?

This isn't a written test. Fit test is more like an HR interview where we test your soft skills like creative thinking, logical reasoning, ability to work in teams, etc.

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