01_ About us

We are a student body organisation and work towards developing skills and also providing a learning platform in the university.

Come and join us. It'll be fun.
Our aims

01What we do?

  • You think of an idea we implement it!
  • We offer a wide range of services.
  • Such as web designing and development.
  • Graphic designing, mobile applications development and VFX
  • and many more...

02Who are we?

  • We are a team of young, proficient and energetic minds who strive to deliver their best.
  • We are the oldest technical club of SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

03Why us?

  • We know the industry, we know the game and we are here to help you grow.
  • We are WebArch!

02_ Services offered

Domain Expertise

Web Design

Web Development

Web Hosting & APIs

Mobile App Development

Graphic Designing

Photography & VFX

Cyber Security

Research and Development


Human Resource

Our Clients

SRM Institute of Science and Technology

IT Association

SRM Innovation and Incubation Centre




Team 1.618

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03_ Projects

SRM Desk

An instant messaging platform for efficient communication between students and faculty members of SRM Institute of Science and Technology. Sign up with your official SRM email and explore its wide range of features!

IT Association

IT Association is a student association of SRM Institute of Science and Technology. The Association runs a non profit organisation, Initiating Fusion, which is aimed at helping the under privileged sections of the society.

SRM Innovation and Incubation Centre

SIIC is SRM's official and independent Incubation and Innovation centre. We integrate and develop an atmosphere for budding entrepreneurs and techies. Vision of SIIC is to make all the SRMites fit for the competitive entrepreneurial society.


Aaruush is the annual techno-management festival of SRM University, Chennai, India. The festival consists of various science and technology based competitions, symposia, events, guest lectures, video conferences,exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops.


Milan is a spectacular National level cultural competition where best talents from colleges across India converge and compete. Started in year 2008, Milan has graduated to its 10th edition with ebullient, innovative and creative Social.

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