Aaruush is the annual techno-management festival of SRM University, Chennai, India. The festival consists of various science and technology based competitions, symposia, events, guest lectures, video conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops.


SRM Student Copter Research Organisation is a zealous and vivacious organisation developing copters and their useful outreach under the auspices of SRM University, Chennai. SCRO started off with the two budding enthusiasts making an autonomous quad copter which in itself was a motivation, which gradually evolved as one of the leading research organisations of Chennai. The journey has been phenomenal where the team has grown to two mentors, six core members, few juniors and many interns, receiving continuous support from SRM University in all capacities.


Milan is a spectacular National level cultural competition where best talents from colleges across India converge and compete. Started in year 2008, Milan has graduated to its 8th edition with ebullient, innovative and creative Social. About 10,000 college students from all over India are expected to turn up for the Social. It has over thirty Socials that is scheduled to happen during the four days, and has participants competing in Dance, Music, Dramatics, Literature, Fashion and Creative Arts.


SEICON stands for SRM Environment Club Industrial Conclave.It provides a platform to present your ideas and business plans regarding environment to industrialists and entrepreneurs. About 10,000 college students from all over India turned for its 2015 conference.


SRM Model United Nations is one of the biggest Model United Nations Conference in the country organized by a single university. Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.